Wheat Trial Collaboration in Dunedoo

Murray Skinner, an agronomist at Delta Agribusiness in Dunedoo, is conducting a trial of new and potential wheat varieties on his farm in Mendooran, where S&W wheat has been planted.

To ensure accurate and informative results S&W Technical Services Territory Manager, Shane Kable, assisted with the planting of five pre-commercial quick-to-slow winter wheat varieties alongside Kittyhawk and S&W Severn awnless quick winter wheat in straight lines. The remaining area around the site will be sown with Kittyhawk.

The testing process will involve collecting indicative grain yield data by comparing the new wheat varieties against Kittyhawk. This will help generate useful data for both S&W and Murray, who will have the opportunity to test new potential options in his own area.

The weather is also an essential factor in farming, and the site received 24mm of rain two days after this photo (above) was taken. This rainfall will contribute to the growth and development of the crops and can impact the overall yield.

By conducting these trials, farmers can identify the most productive and efficient crop varieties to increase their yields and profitability. The trial conducted by Murray Skinner and Shane Kable is an excellent example of how farmers and seed companies can work together to improve crop yields and develop new, innovative wheat varieties.

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S&W Severn Forage Wheat

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