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Denham Thompson

Territory Manager - Southern Qld & Northern NSW

Denham is based in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, an area known for its exceptional climate with an extremely fertile and diverse rural landscape. After completing his Bachelor of Agriculture through Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, NSW, in 2013, Denham went on to work as an Agronomist with the WB Hunter Group for 5 years. This role provided exposure to a range of different farming systems including irrigated and dryland cropping & pastures, beef, dairy and horticultural enterprises. Denham has a particular interest in pastures and soils and the application of the right advice for the right client. He believes it takes personal assessment of a clients needs in order to offer a tailored recommendation and achieve a top results for clients.

Agriculture provides me with an exciting career that offers challenges every day, but is extremely rewarding. However, more importantly, knowing that literally everyone relies on agriculture to some degree gives me a strong sense of purpose and responsibility in my career.

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