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Tom McCooey

Territory Manager - Northern Vic

Tom is based in the Victorian highlands, close to his family’s farm. He graduated from La Trobe University in Bundoora with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science in 2011, and went on to work as an agronomist along the Murray River, as well as Seymour and Nagambie. At S&W Seed, Tom services the northern Victoria region. He brings a wealth of experience to the benefit of his customers, with broad knowledge of different crops and pastures. His unique specialty is in entomology, observing the interaction of both pests and beneficial species, and the balance that can be created through management. Tom enjoys meeting new customers, seeing how they operate, and what management tools can be used in different areas for improving enterprise performance.

I really enjoy being able to work with growers throughout the entire season, and take a paddock through from sowing to grazing/harvesting. I love watching plants grow and how our management strategies alter the outcomes.

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