Emerge Podcast Episode 8: Hay, Pigs & Weddings; Corbin Schuster Knows How To Diversify In Farming

May 20, 2021 by SW Seed Company

Farming history runs deep through Corbins’ veins. His family settled into the Freeling area near the Barossa Valley in South Australia in the 1800s and have been producing high-quality hay ever since. Corbin works on the family farm with 3 generations of other Schusters.

Their operations include growing cereal grains, medic and clover seed production, and specialist hay growing and processing. We chat about their decision nearly 17 years ago to invest in a prototype hay processing plant that is now at the core of their domestic hay marketing operation, diversifying farm income, succession planning, community building, and recovery after natural disasters.

Please enjoy a very interesting perspective on modern farming.

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