Emerge podcast: Hybrid Crops with Rodney Coe

April 16, 2021 by SW Seed Company

This week’s Emerge podcast episode all about hybrid crops!

Our guest, Rodney Coe, has been integral to the development of hybrid crops for Australian farmers. Still working on family-owned land, Rodney continues his work at S&W Seed Company Australia in breeding, selecting, testing, and producing seed for hybrid Sorghum and Sunflower varieties.

Hybrid Crops with Rodney Coe

Rodney and Tom discuss the role of hybrid crops, where they are headed in the future, and their suitability for Australian agriculture. They also discuss the wide variety of uses crops such as Sorghum and Sunflower have from bio-fuels to beer!

Take a look into behind the scenes of crop development, research and learn a little bit about the history of the hybrid seed industry.

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