Emerge podcast: The Importance Of Honey Bees In The Australian Almond Tree Industry

April 22, 2021 by SW Seed Company

Lea Hannah from Western Sydney University is a specialist on pollinating insects. Currently completing her PhD in the study of pollinators and floral resources in Almond crops, Lea spends a lot of time with bees.

Lea Hannah

We talk the importance of pollinators in tree crops such as almonds, how flowers aren’t just flowers, and about the work being done in cooperation with S&W Seed Company on making available floral resources. Trial work is being conducted in the NSW Riverina where Lea spends much of her time collecting samples and analysing data.

Almond Tree

We also chat about how not just bees, but many other pollinating insects exist, and how they are all integral to the success of global agricultural ventures.

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