Emerge Podcast: Why Alex Thomas wants you to #plantaseedforsafety

May 11, 2021 by SW Seed Company

Alex Thomas wants you to #PlantASeedForSafety. This week on Emerge we talk with Alex who is a leading safety consultant and leader in the agricultural sector for on-farm safety reform.

While health and safety meetings might generate eye rolls and suddenly unavailability in peoples schedules, Alex has proven with a different and more practical approach to safety is doesn’t have to be all about paperwork and red tape.

Originally growing up on a remote station property herself, Alex has experienced on-farm living and dealing with the long term health and safety effects, and dangers, that come with working on the land.

We chat about making safety more practical for people and businesses, how the industry is slowly changing its attitude towards the concept and how we can all make a difference by spreading the right message.

Listen now!

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