High-yielding, well-adapted variety for NSW & QLD. Class-leading pre-harvesting sprouting tolerance, suited to early & main-season sowing, with excellent triple rust resistance.


  • High yielding, well adapted variety for northern NSW and QLD
  • APH classification in Northern and South Eastern Zones
  • Class leading pre-harvesting sprouting tolerance
  • Suited to early and main season sowing window
  • Excellent triple rust resistance

Pre-Harvest Sprouting Tolerance

The pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) tolerance of Faraday has been tested using both grain dormancy measurement and simulated weather exposure (rain simulator) experiments. Changes in grain quality from the rain simulator were recorded using the falling number test.

After 48 hours of simulated rainfall, Faraday showed the highest tolerance and remained above the AUH grade with all other varieties falling below 250 seconds (Figure 1).


Faraday was bred by the University of Queensland using a cross of EGA Gregory and a novel PHS donor parent line. Faraday was then selected to provide enhanced yield and superior PHS tolerance in a prime hard variety for the northern and south-eastern classification zones.

Plant Type

Faraday has a wide planting window from early through to main season.

It is well suited to dryland growing conditions. It trends towards a taller plant type under very favourable conditions.

This variety has an excellent rust package being R-MR for stripe and stem rust, and MR for leaf rust.

Download more information on FARADAY here.

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