Early plant, long-season, with market-leading pre-harvest sprouting tolerance with excellent standability.


  • High yielding, early season
  • Industry leading pre-harvesting sprouting tolerance
  • Excellent standability with strong disease and grain package
  • Excellent yield under irrigation
  • Australian Hard (AH) classification in Northern Zone
  • Australian Premium White (APW) classification in South Eastern, Southern and Western Zones

For Best Results

  • Sow early in the planting window (mid April through to the first week of May)
  • Check seed size to ensure planting rate will achieve desired plant population
  • Increased nitrogen will achieve highest yields, with reduced risk of lodging
  • Robust YLS resistance opens up rotational options in early sowing window

High Yielding

Breeding trial plots (Figure 1), sown early May at Mallala, Paskeville, Horsham and Streatham showed Pascal yielded better than other longer season varieties.

Pascal delivered strong results in 2017 & 2018 early plant NVT trials (refer Table 3).

Pre-Harvest Sprouting Tolerance

Estimation of pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) in the field is difficult.

Industry standard methodologies were used in experiments during 2016 to measure level of pre-harvest sprouting tolerance in commercial varieties and breeding lines. Falling Numbers data in Figure 2 shows Pascal maintains sound grain over a longer period than other tested varieties.

These data, combined with earlier results on germination index and FN, demonstrate that Pascal is setting a new industry benchmark for PHS tolerance.

This variety can offer some level of protection for growers during wet harvests.

Download more information on PASCAL here.

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