High-yielding, main-season variety. A compact plant type with medium-short height, good harvestability and excellent stripe rust resistance.


  • High yielding, main season variety
  • Australian Prime Hard Wheat (APH) classification for South East Zone
  • Compact plant type with medium – short height
  • Good harvestability
  • Excellent stripe rust resistance


Tull is a cross between the popular southern NSW line EGA Wedgetail and a NZ breeding line. Tull was initially selected in NZ under high foliar disease pressure and extensively tested through the south eastern wheat belt.

Plant Type

Tull is a compact plant and head type with good early vigour and moderate tillering. Tull develops a glaucous leaf appearance from early booting.

Tull’s maturity sits between Suntop and LRPB Spitfire and is ideally suited to main season planting from May to early June. This APH classified variety is a strong option for farming systems across SW NSW due to its short plant height, high yield and very strong rust resistance package.

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