pascal milling wheat australia trial


Pascal Milling Wheat, with its high yielding capabilities and industry-leading pre-harvest sprouting tolerance, has demonstrated excellent performance and characteristics during the trial.

This report provides a summary of the trial data, highlighting Pascal’s benefits, recommended planting practices, and its performance in terms of yield and pre-harvest sprouting tolerance.


Yield and Planting

Pascal Milling Wheat proves to be a high-yielding variety, particularly in early-season conditions. Breeding trial plots and NVT trials conducted in various locations have consistently shown Pascal outperforming other longer season varieties in terms of yield.

To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to sow Pascal early in the planting window, ranging from mid-April to the first week of May. Careful consideration of seed size is crucial to ensure the desired plant population is achieved.

Additionally, increasing nitrogen application has been found to maximize yields while reducing the risk of lodging. Pascal’s robust resistance to yellow leaf spot (YLS) opens up rotational options within the early sowing window.

Pre-Harvest Sprouting

Accurate estimation of pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) in the field can be challenging. However, experiments conducted in 2016 using industry-standard methodologies have shed light on the level of pre-harvest sprouting tolerance in commercial varieties and breeding lines, with Pascal exhibiting exceptional performance.

Falling Numbers data illustrates that Pascal maintains sound grain quality over a more extended period compared to other tested varieties. These findings, along with previous results on germination index and falling number, establish Pascal as a new industry benchmark for PHS tolerance. The variety offers growers a level of protection during wet harvests, making it a reliable choice in unpredictable weather conditions.


The trial data highlights the benefits of Pascal Milling Wheat, including its high yield potential, industry-leading pre-harvest sprouting tolerance, excellent standability, strong disease and grain package, and its classification as Australian Hard (AH) and Australian Premium White (APW) wheat in various zones.

By following recommended planting practices and leveraging Pascal’s outstanding traits, farmers can maximize their yields and mitigate the risks associated with pre-harvest sprouting, ultimately enhancing their wheat production outcomes.

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