The S&W Seed Company SOWsmart® prescription seed blends are “ready to sow” containing proven species, perfectly suited for Australian farmers. Find the right solutions for your enterprise with S&W Seed Company.

Comprised meticulously of flowering varieties, the Pollinator Blend is designed to stimulate bee activity. Its combination of flowering species exhibits white, yellow and purple flowers, boasting high nectar and pollen levels. Designed for pollination dependant enterprises. Utilised in midrow or exclusion areas for almonds, avocados, macadamias and more.

Agronomy Table
Rainfall (mm+ annually) 350
Seeding Rate (kg/Ha) 40 - 60
Bee-Ready Brassica (%) 12.5
Presto Vetch (%) 50
Smart Radish (%) 12.5
Sumarai White Mustard 12.5
White Cloud Crimson Clover (%) 12.5
Enterprises for this seed
Establishment Guarantee

At S&W Seed Company Australia we’re so confident about our seed genetics and seed quality, we will replace seed at half the original purchase price if it fails to establish satisfactorily in the first thirty days*  Read more

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