The trial data for Darwin Milling Wheat provides valuable insights into the performance and characteristics of this high-yielding early-mid season variety.

With a strong grain package featuring large grain size, good test weight, and excellent standability and harvestability, Darwin proves to be a promising option for farmers in southern NSW and VIC.


Seasonal Response and Adaptability

Darwin Milling Wheat demonstrates its ability to adapt to seasonal conditions, adjusting its time to maturity accordingly. In favourable seasons, Darwin extends its vegetative growing period and time to heading. Conversely, in seasons with tighter springs, it reduces its time to heading compared to other varieties. The trial data showcases Darwin’s responsive nature, illustrated by its heading time compared to Yitpi in different seasons.

Breeding and Plant Characteristics

Darwin (ADV03.0056) was initially developed in New Zealand and subsequently imported through quarantine. Since 2008, it has undergone extensive testing in Australia and entered National Variety Trials (NVT) testing in 2012. Darwin is an early to mid-season Australian Hard (AH) wheat variety well-suited for early to mid-May sowing.

With its neat plant type and good standability, Darwin maintains its compact structure even under favourable growing conditions or irrigation. It exhibits excellent straw strength and lodging resistance, making it suitable for both irrigated and dryland conditions. While Darwin possesses a solid stripe rust package and moderate resistance to current pathotypes, it should be managed carefully in regions where Septoria tritici may pose a challenge.

Grain Characteristics and Considerations

Darwin Milling Wheat displays favorable grain characteristics, including low screenings and large seed size. These aspects should be taken into account during planting to optimize performance. Its Australian Hard (AH) classification extends to southern NSW, VIC, and SA, highlighting its quality attributes in those regions.


The trial data highlights the strengths of Darwin Milling Wheat, including its adaptability to seasonal conditions, strong grain package, excellent standability, and harvestability. Farmers in medium rainfall zones of southern NSW and VIC can benefit from its high yield potential and suitability for early-mid season sowing. Careful management is necessary to address susceptibility to Septoria tritici.

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