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  • Grazing Tolerant Lucerne Selection Trial

    The Grazing Tolerant Lucerne Selection Trial conducted by S&W Seed Company focused on evaluating the grazing tolerance of new lucerne material.

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  • Lucerne Feed Quality Trial

    The Lucerne Feed Quality Trial was conducted with the aim of assessing the standing forage quality of various commercial lucerne varieties as two-year-old stands.

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  • L70 Lucerne v Aurora Comparison Trial

    The S&W L70 Lucerne vs Aurora trial aimed to compare the performance and attributes of L70 Lucerne and Aurora, two varieties of lucerne forage crops.

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  • Lucerne Live Weight Gain Trial 2014

    Throughout the duration of the trial, all varieties were exposed to the same environmental conditions and assessed equally by being grazed simultaneously by three grazing groups of steers; one group on each variety at any time.

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  • Forage Sorghum Trial Performs Well During Tough Season

    During the very dry 2018/2019 spring and summer season our hybrid crop research team conducted two forage yield assessment trials in the Darling Downs, Queensland.

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  • Chomper Forage Sorghum and Rebound Forage Millet Trial Data

    The Chomper Forage Sorghum and Rebound Forage Millet Trial was conducted under pivot irrigation, with a total application of six megaliters per hectare of irrigation water. 

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