Forage sorghum makes the cut on the Darling Downs during tough season

During the very dry 2018/2019 spring
and summer season our hybrid crop research team conducted two forage yield assessment trials in the Darling Downs, Queensland.

This was a tough season and the trials were planted dry on November 21, and subsequently received supplementary irrigation, with yields from this trial lower than have been seen in the field for all entries in the trial. The performance of S&W Seed Company Australia Sweet As Sweet Sorghum Hybrid , relative to the commercial check is favourable, showing good production of high dry matter fodder. SW83015 is an S&W experimental hybrid, and is an example of the high-performance forage sorghum hybrids being developed by our sorghum breeding team. These new forage hybrids are rigorously tested in varying environments and across many years to evaluate performance against commercial and competitor varieties before being released commercially.

Download more information on this trial here.

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