In the challenging 2018/2019 spring and summer season, S&W Seed Company Australia conducted two forage sorghum trials on the Darling Downs in Queensland. Despite the dry conditions, the trials provided valuable insights into the performance of S&W’s Sweet As Sweet Sorghum Hybrid and Chomper Forage Sorghum.

The trials aimed to assess forage yield and compared the performance of these hybrids against commercial and competitor varieties. Rigorous testing and evaluation were conducted to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of these hybrids before their commercial release.


Sweet As Sweet Sorghum Hybrid Performance

The first trial focused on evaluating the performance of S&W Seed Company Australia’s Sweet As Sweet Sorghum Hybrid. Despite the challenging growing conditions and lower yields observed across all entries, the Sweet As Sweet Sorghum Hybrid showed favourable production of high dry matter fodder compared to the commercial check.

This hybrid demonstrated resilience and suitability for forage production even in adverse weather conditions. The Sweet As Sweet Sorghum Hybrid represents the dedication and expertise of S&W’s sorghum breeding team in developing high-performance forage sorghum hybrids.

Chomper Forage Sorghum Performance

The second trial assessed the performance of various sudan-type forage sorghum hybrids, including Nudan and SSS, alongside S&W’s Chomper Forage Sorghum. Chomper exhibited strong regrowth and tillering characteristics after cutting and grazing, which were highly regarded by farmers who have grown it commercially.

The second-cut yield demonstrated the robust regrowth capability of Chomper, making it a preferred hybrid among growers and agronomists across diverse environments. Despite being commercially available for only two years, Chomper has already established its reputation as a reliable and high-performing hybrid.


The forage sorghum trials conducted on the Darling Downs showcased the performance and resilience of Sweet As Sweet Sorghum Hybrid and Chomper Forage Sorghum. Despite the challenging seasonal conditions, both hybrids displayed promising traits and yielded high-quality forage.

The trials confirmed the rigorous testing and evaluation process carried out by S&W’s sorghum breeding team to ensure the hybrids’ suitability and competitiveness in the market. These results highlight the potential of S&W forage sorghum hybrids in supporting farmers’ forage production needs in varying environments.

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