Dual-purpose variety. Early plant, long season. A high-yield, awnless winter wheat ideal for graze & grain, or straight grain production.


  • High yielding, awnless winter wheat
  • Australian Standard White (ASW) classification for South East and Southern Zones
  • Ideal for graze and grain or straight grain production
  • Suitable for sowing from mid March
  • Excellent disease package:
    • MRMS for YLS
    • MR-MS stem rust
    • WA Yr stripe rust RMR
    • Yr17+27 stripe rust R
    • New stripe rust MSp
  • Provides alternative herbicide control options compared to oats and other forage crops

For Best Results

  • Sowing window mid-March until early May
  • Sow early for grain and graze situations; manage biomass with grazing
  • Sow later for non-graze situations to manage biomass accumulation


Bennett was bred from a complex cross targeting improved BYDV tolerance and YLS resistance in a milling class winter wheat.

Plant Type

Bennett is a tall awnless wheat ideally suited to high and medium rainfall zones, with an early planting opportunity.

In graze and grain operations optimal sowing time is from mid-March through to early May. Bennett provides excellent biomass production for grazing, hay and grain.

Bennett is a full winter wheat, with photoperiod sensitivity, and will generally flower 7-10 days later than EGA Wedgetail. This flowering window assists Bennett in reducing risk of damage through frost exposure.

Bennett provides strong YLS resistance.

Download more information on BENNETT here.

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