Extended Rhizobia life with Goldstrike® LongLife® seed treatment

Goldstrike® LongLife®,  a specialized seed treatment applied to lucernes, medics, and subclovers, is the result of extensive research conducted by S&W into the long-term viability of rhizobia inoculants. Goldstrike® LongLife® prolongs the life of rhizobia, offering 6 months storage life on medics and sub clover, and 12 months on lucerne.

As well as extending the storage life of rhizobia, Goldstrike® LongLife® contains a comprehensive seed treatment package to maximize plant establishment as well as crop health. Rhizobia groups are selected to match each species and promote nitrogen nodulation on the roots of developing plants. Nodulation will lead to increased pasture yields and provide additional nutritional benefits, with extra nitrogen available to the crop during the season and in the years that follow.

Micro-nutrients for a healthier start with Goldstrike® LongLife®

A micronutrient package is also included in the Goldstrike® LongLife® seed treatment, including phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron, nitrogen, manganese, sulphur boron, magnesium, copper, and molybdenum.

The micro-nutrient package is specifically formulated to maintain the health of the seedling and protect it from stress, resulting in higher yields and a better quality crop.

Goldstrike® LongLife® disease control

The application of a powerful systemic seed treatment fungicide is an integral part of the Goldstrike® LongLife® seed treatment package. Pythium irregulare is a root fungus that causes damping-off, which can result in the death of large numbers of plants prior to, or soon after, seedling emergence. This fungicide helps control dampening off, leading to better seedling establishment and healthier plants.

Establishment Guarantee®

At S&W seed company we are so confident in our seed genetics and the quality of our proprietary products, we will replace seed at half the original purchase price if it fails to establish satisfactorily.

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