Broad spectrum insect control with XLR8™

The term XLR8™ is a registered trademark utilised by S&W Seed Company Australia.  XLR8™ represents S&W’s commitment to using the most effective seed treatment technologies and insecticides available at the time of production.

S&W currently uses Poncho® Plus because it provides a broad spectrum of insect control and contains two compounds that are extremely robust, imidacloprid and clothianidin. They form a concentrated treated zone around the seed and the roots, then are continuously taken up from the treated zone and translocated quickly through the xylem into the leaves of the growing seedling.

Clothianidin is a low-toxicity insecticide that has good root systemicity and contact toxicity properties that make it effective at low rates. It has broad-spectrum efficacy against sucking insects, including some lepidopteran pests and chewing insects.

Imidacloprid acts as an acute contact and stomach poison. Like clothianidin, it has excellent systemic properties, so it can also be applied at relatively low rates.

S&W plantain, chicory, and hybrid forage brassica varieties are treated with Poncho® Plus to help control Redlegged Earth Mites, Lucerne Flea, Blue Oat Mite, and Cutworm with systemic protection for up to four weeks in the critical establishment phase.

Benefits of establishment vigour with XLR8™

In addition to providing broad-spectrum insect control, XLR8™ seed treatment with Poncho® Plus has a number of additional advantages.

  • Added establishment vigour in the vital early growth stages of the plant has been well documented with the use of this particular insecticide seed treatment.
  • Greater root system development in seedlings will lead to better pasture establishment and the long-term benefits of higher yields per hectare and greater forage quality.
  • The targeted chemical placement of XLR8™, with S&W technology, also means there is little to no impact on key beneficial species.

XLR8™ option on a wide range of varieties

The XLR8™ seed treatment comes as standard on all brassicas, herbs, and the S&W premium proprietary lucerne varieties. It can also be applied, upon request, to all seed products where registration is applicable.

XLR8™ provides farmers with the broad-spectrum insect control they need to protect their crops from pests and ensure maximum yields.

Establishment Guarantee®

At S&W seed company we are so confident in our seed genetics and the quality of our proprietary products, we will replace seed at half the original purchase price if it fails to establish satisfactorily.

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