Technical Services Territory Manager - New England NSW

Gavin is based in Armidale, NSW, a prosperous town which is central to the New England tablelands, and possesses a unique block of grazing country that has a temperate climate, despite being closer to Brisbane than Melbourne. After graduating from Massey University, New Zealand, Gavin has paved an impressive career in the seed industry and farm consultancy in both New Zealand and Australia. Gavin specialises in the establishment and management of temperate pastures, which are suited to regions with more rainfall and cooler temperatures. He offers honest and accurate advice regarding the most appropriate species and cultivars to use for pasture and forage production, as well as management and support to ensure good results are achieved after implementation.

"I am part of a great team of people who are also motivated from clients and farmers achieving pleasing results from their pastures and forage crops. Being involved in a company that invests so much into research is fantastic, it means that we can confidently offer the best products to farmers around Australia."

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