Territory Manager - South Australia and North West Victoria

Sam Linggood, who is based in the Adelaide Hills, offers professional agricultural services to the Western Districts and South East regions of South Australia. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences from Adelaide University and is currently pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Business Management from Monash University. Sam gained hands-on experience as a farmhand on a prime lamb production farm near Naracoorte, where he developed a deep understanding of the significance of maximizing pasture yield. Prior to joining S&W, he worked as an operations manager in the soil management sector. Sam is passionate about helping producers realize the full potential of their land use while keeping their business objectives in mind. He believes in tailoring his approach to the unique needs of each client, ultimately increasing their profitability.

"My passion lies in assisting Growers, Producers, and Agronomists to optimize their land and management practices. I find satisfaction in problem-solving and executing plans with a focus on achieving the best possible outcome for each decision. My ambition and love for agriculture drive me to continually improve and strive towards excellence. I firmly believe in the motto "do your best today for a better tomorrow"."

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