Enhanced establishment with Goldstrike® Seed Treatment

S&W Goldstrike® is a high-quality seed coating combined with innovative technology which supports the crop during establishment and throughout the season. With this innovative seed treatment, every seed receives a micro-nutrient package and rhizobia inoculant, and fungicide is applied to Lucerne and Sub Clover.


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The Benefits of Goldstrike®

Goldstrike® is specifically designed to support plant establishment, allowing for stronger and more vigorous plant growth. The rhizobia inoculation helps to improve nitrogen fixation and nutrient uptake, while the micronutrient package provides additional essential nutrients for optimal plant growth.

The premium fungicide, applied to Lucerne and Sub Clover, helps to protect the seeds from soil-borne diseases during the critical early stages of plant growth. With Goldstrike®, farmers can be assured of a reliable establishment and higher yields of top-quality forage.

Protection Plus

A powerful systemic seed treatment fungicide developed to protect plants from Pythium, damping-off, poor seed germination, and a range of soil and seed-borne fungi. With 35% mefenoxam, the biologically most active isomer of the compound metalaxyl, this fungicide is quickly absorbed by the seed and spreads through the plant after germination, resulting in a fast development and a uniform crop.

This modern seed treatment is effective in both damp, colder conditions ideal for Pythium and warmer, humid conditions ideal for Phytophthora and downy mildew. Protecting the seed and the seedling at an early stage, this protection ensures healthy growth onset and contributes to higher yields.

Establishment Guarantee®

At S&W seed company we are so confident in our seed genetics and the quality of our proprietary products, we will replace seed at half the original purchase price if it fails to establish satisfactorily.

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