Enhanced Establishment with Goldstrike® Seed Treatment

Image: Craig Bittner at his Curramulka farm, pleased with the results of S&W Goldstrike® treated seed.

By purchasing and planting seed from S&W Seed Company, farmers get a seed treatment package that maximizes plant establishment, early vigor, and crop health.

S&W Goldstrike® is a high-quality seed coating combined with innovative technology which supports the crop during establishment and throughout the season. With this innovative seed treatment, every seed receives a micro-nutrient package and rhizobia inoculant, and Apron® XL fungicide is applied to Lucerne and Sub Clover.

Goldstrike® seed treatment is applied to clovers including White, Rose, Red, Arrowleaf, Balansa, Berseem, Gland, and Bladder. Serradella and Biserulla varieties also are treated with Goldstrike®, as well as a range of sub-tropical legumes. Goldstrike® is applied to seed at S&W’s processing plant in Penfield, South Australia.

Micronutrient options with Goldstrike® seed treatment 

Goldstrike® seed treatment packages include micro-nutrients such as phosphorous, potassium, zinc, iron, nitrogen, manganese, sulfur, boron, magnesium, copper and molybdenum.

These have been specially formulated to ensure that the seedlings remain healthy, are more resistant to stress and ultimately produce higher yields of superior quality.

Nitrogen-fixing rhizobia with Goldstrike® seed treatment

As a result of Goldstrike® treatment, each seed contains high concentrations of live bacteria, helping to maximise the benefits of inoculation. Inoculating legume seeds with rhizobia is well known for its ability to increase nitrogen fixing nodules on the root systems of the plant.

In the years that follow the initial establishment, growers can expect higher pasture yields, nitrogen fixation, and nutritional benefits in the paddock. Rhizobia in Goldstrike® is specifically selected for each cultivar.

In Goldstrike® seed treatment technology, disease control is integral

As part of Goldstrike® seed treatment, Apron® XL fungicide is applied to Lucerne and Sub Clover seeds. Pythium irregulare is a root fungus known to cause damping-off, which can affect the establishment of clover plants. Apron® XL fungicide helps control dampening off, resulting in better seedling establishment and healthier plants.

During the establishment phase of a clover plant, disease control is essential to ensuring each seedling has the best opportunity to grow and thrive. When left unchecked, damping off can attack the plant before seedling emergence or shortly thereafter, resulting in the death of large numbers of plants.

Goldstrike® is a combination of genetics and seed treatments designed to maximise nodulation, control diseases, and provide valuable nutrients during the establishment stage.

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