Meet Our New Territory Managers!

At S&W Seed Company, we are thrilled to welcome two exceptional individuals to our team as Territory Managers. Hannah Messner and Chris Hoad bring with them a wealth of knowledge and passion for agriculture, and they are ready to serve our customers in their respective regions. Let’s get acquainted with these talented individuals and learn how their expertise will benefit farmers in Gippsland, North East Victoria, Tasmania, and Southern & Central Queensland.

Hannah Messner: Nurturing Success in Livestock Production

Hailing from the picturesque NSW Central Tablelands and Riverina districts, Hannah Messner’s deep-rooted connection to farming has shaped her journey as a Territory Manager. Growing up on her family’s sheep and broadacre cropping farms, Hannah gained invaluable hands-on experience and a profound understanding of the industry. While pursuing her education, Hannah worked as a wool classer in the Riverina, developing her skills and knowledge in agricultural practices. She complemented her practical experience with studies, earning a Diploma of Agriculture through Tocal College.

In 2023, Hannah joined the S&W Seed Company team while completing the final semester of her Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga. Driven by her passion for livestock production, Hannah is motivated to continue her learning journey within the S&W team. As Territory Manager for Gippsland, North East Victoria, and Tasmania, her primary focus is on enabling customers to achieve their production goals. Hannah’s has unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional service and personalised support. She thrives on working alongside farmers, providing tailored guidance to help them excel in their operations.

Chris Hoad: Cultivating Productivity for Farmer Success

Raised on a mixed sheep and cropping farm in NSW’s Riverina region, Chris Hoad’s agricultural background runs deep. Armed with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, he gained a strong foundation in agricultural practices and principles. Chris further honed his expertise as an agronomist in the western districts of Victoria before making the move to Queensland. Chris’s passion lies in assisting farmers to optimize their productivity by providing personalised advice tailored to their specific goals.

With a profound understanding of the industry and the factors influencing farm productivity, Chris is dedicated to helping farmers thrive and succeed. Leveraging his experience and knowledge, he delivers valuable insights to enhance profitability and drive success. Combining his firsthand experience as a farmer and agronomist, Chris brings a unique perspective to his role as a Territory Manager for the Central and Southern regions of Queensland, and is committed to providing outstanding service and advice to optimise productivity.

With the addition of Hannah Messner and Chris Hoad to our team, S&W Seed Company is well-positioned to provide unparalleled service and support to farmers in Gippsland, North East Victoria, Tasmania, and Southern & Central Queensland. Their passion for agriculture, dedication to customer success, and expertise in livestock production and agronomy make them valuable assets to our organisation. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact they will have on the farming community as they work to help our customers thrive and prosper.

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