Subzero – A Success on the Southern Downs

Mark Droney, a farmer near Pittsworth QLD, has always been a forward thinker. With a vision to transition into a specialist pasture-fed beef operation, Mark recognized the need to adapt to changing conditions and overcome challenges. The pressures of drought were bearing down on Mark’s operation, and persistent weeds like Stramonia and Bathurst Burr were causing concerns. These weeds, with their deep root systems, highlighted the importance of getting back to taproots for a sustainable pasture system.

Sowing Success with SOWsmart® Summer Feed Blend

Consulting with his agronomist, Mark decided to take a chance on S&W Seed Company’s SOWsmart® Summer Feed Blend. Despite missing the spring planting window and experiencing limited rainfall until late February, Mark sowed the blend, consisting of Rebound Forage Millet, Subzero Hybrid Forage Brassica, and Renegade Red Clover.  To Mark’s delight, the SOWsmart® Blend grew rapidly and provided feed quickly. Although the Rebound millet went to head after grazing, it still served as valuable dry feed. However, it was the Subzero Forage Brassica that exceeded expectations with its taproot and high feed value.

“It took off with astonishing speed and provided feed quickly.”

Resilience in the Face of Heat Waves and Frost

One of the remarkable qualities of Subzero is its ability to withstand heat waves. Even during dry spells, the Brassica’s roots remained in moisture, enabling continuous growth. As winter arrived with more than 20 consecutive frosts, the persistent Subzero Brassica continued to provide valuable feed for Mark’s weaners.

A Paddock that Stays Productive

With seasonal variability becoming an ever-growing challenge, Mark’s decision to incorporate Subzero into his pasture system paid off. The diversified approach and resilience of Subzero ensured a paddock that remained productive for multiple seasons, overcoming both hot dry spells and prolonged below-zero cold spells.

Mark’s experience with Subzero Hybrid Forage Brassica showcases its effectiveness and transformative impact on farming operations. By embracing the success that Subzero offers, farmers can increase productivity, improve livestock health, and enhance profitability in the face of changing climates and persistent weeds.

Join farmers like Mark and reap the benefits of a pasture system that thrives in adversity. With S&W Seed Company’s Subzero, you can ensure a brighter and more sustainable future for your farming operation.

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