S&W at Norco Primex – Australia’s Sustainable Farming and Primary Industries Expo

S&W Seed Company Australia are gearing up for the Norco Primex Field days celebrating 40 years from 16-19 May, 2024 at Casino, NSW. Primex is a fantastic event that allows the S&W Seed Company Australia team to talk to progressive farmers about seed solutions for their specific situation and requirements.

What is on the agenda?

We have a keen focus on

  • Winter pastures, including annual and Italian ryegrass
  • Perennial pastures, including perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, cocksfoot, phalaris and subtropical pastures
  • A wide range of lucerne and forage legumes, including white and red clover, medics, balansa and Persian clover
  • Winter forage crops, including oats, barley and vetch
  • Forage brassica and herbs, including chicory and plantain
  • Inter-row cover and pollinator mixtures for tree crops
  • Soil-building species for improving soil structure and carbon sequestration, including tillage radish and chicory

Representing S&W Seed Company will be Territory Manager, Dan Sweeney, and Technical Services Manager, Gavin Milne.

About Norco PRIMEX

Always at Casino, in coastal northern NSW, Primex has evolved from a localised event, with around 40 companies and a few thousand visitors, to one of the country’s leading primary industries expos. It now boasts in excess of 300 exhibitors, 1000 different companies and more than 25,000 visitors across the three days.

Primex has grown to be an iconic agricultural and commercial exhibition, which brings the best of what works alongside the latest agricultural innovations.
For more information and event ticketing, go to www.primex.net.au

See you there!

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