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Subzero Hybrid Forage Brassica


Brassica napus

Beef, sheep and dairy grazing

Long season forage brassica with cold tolerance

  • Leafy rape
  • Withstands frosts as a mature plant
  • Spring or autumn sowing option
  • Quick to establish
  • Eight to nine weeks to first grazing
  • Retains quality even once ripe
  • Excellent regrowth after grazing
Seed Agronomy Table
Life Span 12 - 18 months
Seeding Rate - Dryland (kg/ha) 3
Seeding Rate - High Rainfall/Irrigation (kg/ha) 5
Hard Seed Level 1 = Least Hard 10 = Most Hard • Burr Burial Strength 1 = Very Weak 10 = Very Strong
Establishment Guarantee

At S&W Seed Company Australia we’re so confident about our seed genetics and seed quality, we will replace seed at half the original purchase price if it fails to establish satisfactorily in the first thirty days*  Read more

  • XLR8™

Enterprises for this seed
Animal Production
  • Moderately palatable and digestible prior to flowering.

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