S&W Seed Company Goldstrike® includes rhizobia inoculation, micronutrient package and Apron® XL fungicide (where available on label). Goldstrike® is comprised of the highest quality seed and coating technology and is the best establishment package for pasture legumes.

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Goldstrike LongLife®

Goldstrike LongLife® offers extended rhizobia storage life on a range of species. Goldstrike LongLife® can provide up to six months storage life on medic and sub clover, and up to 12 months storage life on lucerne.


XLR8™ treatment is a film coat application of Poncho® Plus insecticide.

Poncho® Plus is a significant advancement in the seed treatment market. It is an innovative insecticidal seed treatment that has registration across a range of pasture species and forage crops.

Poncho® Plus combines two robust compounds, imidacloprid and clothiandin, which increase the insect control spectrum above other seed treatment options. Poncho® Plus provides protection during establishment against a range of pests including Redlegged Earth Mite, Cutworm and Lucerne Flea. Poncho® Plus also offers added establishment vigour in the early growth stage of the plant.

The benefits from our XLR8™ seed treatment not only comes in the form of insect protection, but also shows long term benefit in assisting early seedling plant growth. This is demonstrated with greater root system development in seedlings, leading to higher overall pasture establishment and long-term pasture production.

Our XLR8™ seed treatment comes standard on all brassicas, herbs, and our premium proprietary lucerne varieties. Our XLR8™ seed treatment can be applied upon request to all seed products where registration is applicable.

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