breeza trial site wheat australia

Port Lincoln, SA

Site type:

Lucerne Demonstration Site
Established: 2023-current
  • S&W proprietary lucerne lines
  • Demonstrating suitability for hay, grazing, and dual-purpose operations

The Port Lincoln Lucerne Demonstration Site, in collaboration with a valued customer, is just one aspect of the comprehensive S&W Global Lucerne Breeding Program, which is dedicated to developing and producing high-quality lucerne varieties suitable for different climates and soil conditions around the world.

At the demonstration site, large-scale (1-2ha) plots of S&W’s proprietary lucerne lines are grown and monitored to showcase their suitability for hay, grazing, and dual-purpose operations in the Eyre Peninsula region of South Australia. These demonstration plots offer a unique opportunity to compare growth habits, dry matter production, and seasonal suitability of the different varieties in the local climate and soil conditions.

The Lucerne Breeding Program at S&W Seed Company is a long-term investment in the future of global agriculture, with a focus on developing lucerne varieties that deliver improved yields, enhanced disease resistance, and greater adaptability to different growing conditions. By working with valued customers in regions like the Eyre Peninsula, S&W can tailor its breeding program to meet the specific needs of farmers and other stakeholders, ensuring that its products deliver maximum value in real-world settings.

Latest Trial Data

Research, development, and extension activities are a significant focus at S&W Seed Company. Growers can access historical and current
trial research information and data on a wide range of topics to assist in decision making, planning, and implementing new management practices.

  • 2019

    Bennett Milling Wheat Trial Data

    The trial data for Bennett, a dual-purpose variety, highlights its suitability for both graze and grain or straight grain production.

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  • 2019

    Forage Sorghum Trial Performs Well During Tough Season

    During the very dry 2018/2019 spring and summer season our hybrid crop research team conducted two forage yield assessment trials in the Darling Downs, Queensland.

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  • 2019

    Tull Milling Wheat Trial Data

    The trial data for Tull Milling Wheat provides valuable insights into the performance and characteristics of this high-yielding main-season variety.

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  • 2019

    Pascal Milling Wheat Trial Data

    The trial data for Pascal Milling Wheat showcases its impressive characteristics and performance, making it a highly desirable variety for wheat farmers.

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