S&W Demo Site Near Orbost Drilled After Flooding

S&W Seed Company territory manager, Nicole Frost, is relieved to get her demo site drilled a week after flooding rains near Orbost (VIC).

March and April have seen several demonstration sites planted with the S&W trial planter, with sites spread between northern NSW to South Australia. The earlier sites are already showing good success, thanks partly to good rainfall continuing in most regions. Rainfall has also caused problems, with 280mm of rain falling two days before the Orbost, Victoria, site was due to be planted, so that was skipped to plant sites in the southwest of Victoria, where the soils were bone-dry and hard.

drilling floods paddocks

This year’s demo sites follow on from over 30 planted in 2021. The sites allow local agronomists and farmers to see how different varieties and species behave in their area. Often species that are not commonly used in the area, or mixtures of these species, are tested. This has seen farmers in the area immediately adopt new pasture and forage crop options with confidence. A wide range of options from S&W Seed Company are tested at our trial sites, including; lucerne, medics, cereals, sorghum, grasses, brassicas, herbs and clovers.

Interested in visiting an S&W trial site in your area? Contact the S&W territory manager in your area today!

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