BJ Monigatti – Echuca, VIC

BJ from Rich River Chaff near Echuca, Victoria understands how tricky it can be establishing lucerne. From previously growing tomatoes to now growing high-quality lucerne, the last 20-years has seen their operation change significantly.

BJ and his brother Paul’s paddock of S&W Seed Company L56 Lucerne is the result of a re-sow, due to poor plant numbers caused by weed competition in the initial stand. As they have built their reputation on producing only high-quality lucerne hay, they utilised the Establishment Guarantee program to aid in re-sowing their paddock.

“Due to the dry start and not getting an effective knockdown meant we had to start again”, explained BJ.

BJ and Paul grow a combination of Q31 and L56 in separate paddocks for their chaff and small square production.

“L56 is an easy, quick growing variety that suits our operation,” said BJ.

The use of the two varieties allows them to spread their cutting time and spread the risk across their 300 hectares of lucerne.

L56, with its excellent early vigour has allowed them to keep up with production since re-sowing in October, even allowing them to send some much-needed hay to Taree, New South Wales after the recent bushfires.

The confidence provided by the S&W Seed Company Establishment Guarantee program has set Rich River Chaff up for a successful season.

Image: BJ Monigatti and Ranger confident in S&W Seed Company L56 Lucerne.

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