Meet the Technical Services Team

Meet Gavin Milne and Shane Kable, S&W Seed Company Australia’s Technical Services team. Together, they play a vital role in the company’s progress, acting as a bridge between S&W’s research and breeding teams, sales team and customers. With a strong understanding of their respective portfolios, they support the territory managers by providing the best technical advice on current product offerings, while also assisting resellers and growers to develop confidence in S&W’s new products.

You’ll find Gavin and Shane at field days and farmers meetings, sharing their technical expertise and gathering feedback from local growers. This important information is then shared with S&W’s research and breeding teams to develop products that meet the demands of the market. For both Gavin and Shane, a big part of their job is visiting and talking to farmers about what is needed to help improve their conditions. “That’s what S&W Seed Company is all about — delivering improved products and seeing improved results for farmers,” explains Shane, the Technical Services Territory Manager for the Hunter Valley and North West New South Wales. As an experienced and qualified agronomist and seed retailer, Shane has worked with S&W since 2018.

Shane spends his time between the general customer and seed reseller service, as well as undertaking product development work for new products, including S&W’s new wheat and sorghum range. “It is very satisfying to work with our territory managers to find solutions when farmers are unsure about which of the new forage opportunities are appropriate for their farm and give them the best results,” he said.

The Technical Services Territory Manager for New England, New South Wales, is Gavin Milne.

Gavin has worked in the industry since 2011 and has extensive experience in pasture ecology, agronomy, development and management. As another of S&W’s Technical Services Territory Managers, Gavin divides his time between general customer and seed reseller service, and product development for key products in S&W’s pasture seed range for graziers. “This is an exciting role to be involved in,” said Gavin. “S&W Seed Company has a large and progressive breeding program, so there’ll be plenty of improved varieties coming through for farmers to benefit from.”

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