Ken Flemingham – Invergordon, VIC

Ken Felmingham has been growing lucerne near Invergordon, Victoria for the last 15 years, and has been utilising S&W Seed Company Q31 Lucerne for the last ten.

Ken produces around 50,000 small square bales of lucerne each year for the horse market.

“Q31 has been the lucerne variety that has held up the best in terms of consistent quality,” Ken said.

With the high winter dormancy of Q31, Ken’s first cut is always of exceptional quality and has never experienced any yield lag.

“It’s nothing for Q31 to go 3-3.5 tonne each cut,” Ken added.

With its winter dormancy, it does start later in the season, but this limits the amount of production that must be done for silage or during inclement weather.

Ken’s demand for quality has kept him growing 100 percent Q31 Lucerne.

“It’s the most consistent lucerne I’ve grown. Its leaf retention and stem thickness make it the specialty hay variety that it is,” Ken explained.

Q31 has given Ken increased flexibility in cutting, allowing for greater time between cuts.

“If there’s a rain coming, I can delay cutting without any fear of reduced quality,” Ken said.

Q31 is hard to beat and this is evident in Ken’s dedication to the variety over the last decade.

Image: Ken Felmingham in his consistent stand of S&W Seed Company Q31 Lucerne.

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