Turbo Persian Clover Takes on Barley Grass! The Winner Is…

George Kerrins of Tatura, Victoria, was looking for a way to control barley grass without having to compromise feed. The solution was astonishingly simple with S&W Seed Company Turbo Persian Clover. George sowed Turbo Persian Clover in early March and was extremely happy with the results, remarking that compared to another variety he tried, Turbo, “handled the heat going early, it faired better than the Italians sown at that time.

Even though George intended Turbo as a clean-up tool to control the barley grass, he is extremely happy with the production it has yielded. By removing the grass component from the pasture mix, George was able to use a variety of control methods to remove the barley grass from the paddock whilst maintaining a solid production level.

George revealed, “I tried it previously in a smaller paddock and after seeing the results, started putting it in on a bigger scale.”

Turbo is a great fit for early sowing due to high growth in autumn and winter, as well as it’s grazing flexibility and multi-cut production. Early sowing gave George the advantage of not having to wait for the break to control emerging barley grass.

S&W Seed Company Turbo Persian Clover

Weeds can be easily controlled in-crop and the Turbo is producing valuable early feed whilst the other pastures are establishing. George Kerrins’ Holstein dairy is a shining example of how changing the composition of your pasture can help with weed control as well as feed availability.

Learn more about S&W Seed Company Turbo Persian Clover here.

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