Custom seed blends increase profitability and production

A custom seed blend can help farmers maximize production and profits. It is often best to use a combination of varieties or species to take advantage of different resources within a paddock and to complement each other. A custom blend will make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment. This will include factors such as different rooting zones in the soil to utilize nutrients, canopy structure to enhance sunlight capture, or quality added late in the season to a pasture blend.

custom seed blend australia

An S&W custom seed blend of Jivet Ryegrass, Renegade Red Clover, Compass Chicory, Matua Prairie Grass, L92 lucerne, Haifa White Clover & Ranger Plantain. Northern Rivers, NSW

Trends in custom blends

A major part of S&W Seed Company service offerings has always been its custom seed blends, including permanent pasture blends and ryegrass clover blends. Furthermore, a growing number of cover crops containing 10-15 species or more are being used today to improve soil biodiversity, which has a direct effect on plant growth. There is also increased demand from the horticulture industry for diverse pollination crops that beneficial insects can feed upon and build populations before pollinating the target crop.

Keeping ahead of change with custom seed blends

S&W strives to keep on top of the changing needs and requirements of Australian farmers. In the pasture seed sector, recent changes include larger seeding equipment and air seeders that hold more sowing seed. S&W has responded by investing in higher capacity mixing facilities with the capability to bag custom seed blends into bulk bags of up to 1,000 kg. This has increased efficiency for the farmer and contractor in the paddock by saving critical time and reducing the handling of small bags.

Custom seed blend development

Providing the highest quality seed options to farmers is at the core of what S&W Seed Company stands for. S&W territory managers are able to customise a seed blend to suit various soil types and management zones within a farm business. This gives customers the advantage they need to maximise production and increase profitability. In order to achieve the best results, the S&W team works with retail agronomists and farmers to place complementary varieties in each management zone.

Custom seed blends will remain a very important part of the S&W business, as the demand from farmers and agronomists to achieve their goals is ever increasing.

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