Double crop sorghum this summer, a serious option

With rain falling across cropping regions, fallow soil profiles are filling up and recently harvested areas are accumulating soil moisture. With the La Nina forecast, options of a double-crop straight after this year’s winter crop can be seriously considered.  One of the safest and easiest to manage options is grain sorghum. S&W Seed Company Tanami medium-quick red grain sorghum is an ideal candidate for such a situation.

Tanami Grain Sorghum, your best bet for a double crop

Tanami’s earlier flowering combined with its low tillering habit allows you to utilise stored soil moisture efficiently. Tanami focuses on filling its primary heads rather than generating a large number of tillers, which helps ensure higher grain quality and more even maturity.  You’re not waiting for late tillers to fill, enabling faster dry down and harvest, reducing the risk of a late harvest in autumn.

Richard Wright of Woodvale Farming, Wee Waa grew Tanami last year on a late plant situation with early in-crop rainfall. “Compared to the MR-Bazley it was beside, it was more determinate which is what I wanted” commented Mr.Wright, “and it was a bit quicker too”.

Tanami’s combination of low tillering habit and low potential for new tillers post-flowering makes it the ideal choice for summer planting and double-crop situations.  Combine this with its 5 midge rating and solid drought tolerance, and you have a reliable hybrid you can have confidence in every time.

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