Increased oat plantings fill feed gap

Forage oats play an important role in filling the feed gap during winter, especially when the growth of summer pastures slows in the north, during cool months on the tablelands and slopes, and before pasture growth in the south.

Why forage oats are ideal for filling the winter feed gap

The versatile nature of oats makes them a valuable crop in farming systems, including grazing, hay and silage production, pasture renovation, and weed management. Oats are a major winter cereal grazing crop adapted to a broad range of growing conditions. In winter, grazing oats reduce the need for hand feeding and ease grazing pressure on other pastures. Cereal diseases such as take-all, crown rot, and common root rot can be tolerated by oats. For this reason, oats are a good option for filling a winter feed gap and providing high-quality livestock feed.

S&W Overland Forage Oats, the grazing option of choice

In 2022, the newly released S&W Overland Forage Oats will replace Outback Forage Oats. S&W Overland has improved tiller production and a wide leaf, with the same mid-to-late maturity as its predecessor.

The Hanborough Heights farm has been in the Waldhuter family for 107 years, spanning four generations. Stephen has been farming all his life and is the third generation to run the farm with his wife Sheralee. Their son Shane, and his wife Elissa, are now actively involved in the enterprise.

“At the time, we were looking for a suitable grazing option for the sheep, which would last for a longer period leading into harvest until the other crops have been reaped for stubble grazing,” commented Stephen.

forage oats seed Australia

The Waldhuter family inspecting S&W Overland Forage Oats on their Hanborough Heights farm.

“The seven hectares being grown for seed was slow to take off but after the spring rain, it’s now looking good, while we have been grazing 200 ewes on 10 hectares since mid-August. The production of S&W Overland Oats has been good for sheep grazing as it has stayed greener for longer than other varieties which will keep the green feed for ewe’s right up until harvest time.” said Stephen, “The harvested Overland Oats will be included in next year’s cropping program and be sown on a larger scale for sheep grazing in 2022.”

Interested in S&W Overland Forage Oats for your enterprise?

Discover how S&W Overland Forage Oats can help you fill your winter feed gap and provide quality fodder for a productive enterprise. Download the S&W Overland Forage Oats techsheet here. Get in touch with your local S&W territory manager or rural retailer for assistance with developing your winter cereal program for next season.

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