SW6330 Lucerne Rises Above Tough Conditions

Extreme weather conditions have put SW6330 Lucerne to the test, but the new variety has risen to the challenge.

Chaff Production Quality; The Critical Factor

Producing chaff for a Queensland-wide market means quality is at the top of the list for Geoff and Angela Hose of Cressbrook Creek Chaff at Toogoolawah and they have been successfully growing S&W Q75® Lucerne for many years.

“Growing high quality lucerne consistently is the key to making a premium lucerne chaff product that end users are happy with,” Geoff said. High leaf retention traits are a key factor in variety selection, ensuring lucerne quality is maintained during the frequent volatile weather conditions experienced in the northern regions of Australia.

SW6330 Lucerne Put To The Test

While Geoff has been pleased with the consistent and robust Q75® Lucerne, he is committed to trialling new varieties with very high quality traits and in April 2021 the new SW6330 was sown at 25 kilograms per hectare under irrigation.

The crop experienced very dry conditions during establishment through to the first and second cuts, then extreme rainfall conditions through November and December. Despite the tough conditions, SW6330 is producing the premium product Geoff and Angela are looking for.

“With the dry start it seemed to hang on and yield really well considering the season,” Geoff explained. “We’re only on the third cut but it’s certainly starting to show its true colours and responds really well after being cut. “When we are cutting it, we noticed heaps of leaf retention and it cuts really nice chaff.” With a high pest and disease rating and high leaf to stem ratio, SW6330 has ticked a few more boxes for Geoff.

With more favourable conditions predicted and increased irrigation supply, Geoff is looking forward to continuing to evaluate SW6330 over the next two to three years.

lucerne chaff production

Geoff Hose, SW6330 Lucerne

Interested in SW6330 Lucerne?

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