Kraken Time For Sowing Barley In Late Autumn

Kraken awnless forage barley from S&W Seed Company is the perfect candidate to take advantage of our current late season rainfall. Depending on seasonal conditions, grazing can begin as early as 5 weeks after sowing Kraken, due to its quick maturing characteristics making it ideal for late sowings.

Kraken Forage Barley Replacing Moby

Kraken replaces S&W Moby Forage Barley, which has awnless 2 row heads in place of Moby’s awnless 6 row. This awnless characteristic makes it supreme in hay quality, especially for the particular requirements of the horse industry.

forage barley hay horse

Rob Varrall from Warrill View, in southeast Queensland, relies on Kraken to produce quality hay for the horse feed market.

Improved Characteristics to Suit Australian Conditions

Kraken Forage Barley has improved tiller density and straw strength, allowing for better standability in solid crops. With a reduced chance of lodging, it allows for an easier grain harvest or hay cut, depending on what enterprise you have running. With regards to the disease package, the leaf is slightly thinner, so powdery mildew is less likely to develop.

Kraken Barley Profitability Focus

With Kraken, you can profit from either a graze/hay or a graze/grain system. Kraken can be grazed after it is securely anchored, which can be tested by the twist and pull method around the 3-4 leaf stage. Grazing the paddock intermittently before it reaches the first node stage can remove a lot of dry matter before the paddock is locked up for hay or grain.

Keen on Kraken?

Take advantage of the many benefits of S&W Seed Company Kraken Forage Barley this season. Download the Kraken technical guide here, or contact your local S&W territory manager for more information.

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