The L70 Lucerne Advantage

Designed specifically for the Australian market, S&W L70 Lucerne has quickly emerged as a leading choice for both grazing and forage production. With its outstanding agronomic characteristics, L70 offers a multitude of advantages over other options.

  • L70 Lucerne offer higher winter growth over Aurora
  • Superior forage genetics – higher leaf to stem ratio
  • Minimum 85 per cent germination standards exceed the current minimum the certified standard for Aurora of only 65 percent
  • These attributes, combined with superior plant genetics makes L70 Lucerne an excellent new alternative to Aurora

lucerne leaf trait comparison

The L70 Lucerne advantage compared to Aurora include the following agronomic characteristics:

Better establishment vigour

Consistently faster to establish, providing a competitive edge. Ideal for undersowing crops or in pasture mixes.

Higher winter production (activity rating of 7 vs. 6)

Faster to recover after cutting or grazing and extends growth to bridge late-autumn and early spring feed gaps.

High resistance to more pests and diseases

Improved persistence across all rainfall zones.

Very good forage quality

Fine stems and superior leaf retention compared to other winter active varieties


lucerne disease rating

When it comes to forage quality, L70 Lucerne stands out from the rest. It boasts fine stems and superior leaf retention compared to other winter active varieties, resulting in exceptional forage quality. The higher winter growth it offers over Aurora is attributed to its superior forage genetics, which translates to a higher leaf-to-stem ratio. Furthermore, L70 Lucerne exceeds the current certified standard for Aurora with a minimum germination rate of 85 percent, ensuring better establishment success.

At S&W Seed Company, we understand the importance of providing our customers with peace of mind. That is why we offer the Establishment Guarantee™ program for L70 Lucerne. This program ensures that producers are covered, instilling confidence in their planting decisions. Unlike common lucerne varieties, L70 Lucerne offers higher returns and additional support, making it the preferred choice for forward-thinking farmers.


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