The Plight of the Bee: Overcoming Pollination Challenges

It’s Australian Pollinator Week, and we here at S&W Seed Company Australia think it’s worth celebrating. Bees pollinate over 66% of the world’s crop species and contribute to one third of the food we eat.

Australian bees and the challenge

Agricultural crops such as almonds, macadamias, apples, avocados, cherries, berries, brassicas, lucerne, and many more all owe thanks to the hard work of native and honey bees. Many parts of Australia can be very dry and barren, devoid of floral resources for bee forage, which can pose a significant problem.

sunflower seed pollinator australia

Working together to overcome the challenge 

As a result of the importance of this workforce and the challenges they face, S&W is committed to maximizing the benefits being delivered to both producers and bees. For more than four years, S&W has worked with leading organizations within the almond and macadamia industries on developing a product line to assist producers and apiarists.

S&W pollinator seed variants for Australian conditions 

With a focus on pollen and nectar quality, environmental adaptability, as well as cross over benefits, S&W have procured a carefully tailored line of products suited to the occasionally unforgiving Australian conditions. Products such as Royal Phacelia, Surge Buckwheat, SuperSun 66 Sunflower and quinoa are just a handful of products that can meet the needs from commercial horticulture growers to graziers.

S&W have developed an autumn sown, spring flowering SOWsmart® Pollinator blend. The five seed components of Pollinator all share a few specific traits; fast to establish out of the ground, quick biomass production, and early maturity to flowering. A mix of the following five varieties was put together; Bee Ready Brassica, Samurai White Mustard™, Smart Radish, Presto Vetch, and White Cloud Crimson Clover.

pollinator seed blend

Flowering SOWsmart® Pollinator at Aroona Farms

To meet your precise needs, S&W specialise in customized seed blends and are committed to developing specific seed solutions like Pollinator. Whether it’s to provide floral resources, promote biodiversity, or improve crop performance, feel free to talk to your S&W Seed Company territory manager about how you can support your pollinators and grow a multipurpose pollinator cover crop.

Written by Rehn Freebairn, S&W Territory Manager – Eyre Peninsula & WA

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