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SuperSun 66 Sunflower

SuperSun 66

Healianthus annuus

Suitable for polyunsaturated oil production (crushing) or dehulling for confectionary market due to large plump seed size

Hybrid polyunsaturated black seeded sunflower

  • Mid to full season maturity with excellent standability
  • Semi pendulous heads
  • Resistance to major diseases such as Leaf Rust, Albugo, White Blister and Alternaria
  • Proven to perform under marginal dryland in tough seasonal conditions
  • Semi pendulous head reduces sunburn, head rot and bird damage
  • Excellent yield potential under favourable conditions with access to premium human consumption markets (dehulling)
Seed Agronomy Table
Flowering Medium-Late
Maturity Medium-Late
Hard Seed Level 1 = Least Hard 10 = Most Hard • Burr Burial Strength 1 = Very Weak 10 = Very Strong

  • Good drought tolerance
  • Consistent yields

Plant Description
  • Thick.

  • Semi-pendulous

  • Black.

Where It Grows

Widely adapted

  • Resistant to leaf rust, albugo, white blister and alternaria

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