Sunflowers, an excellent summer planting option not to be missed

Has recent rain refilled your soil profile?  Looking for a double crop opportunity after winter or just a reliable summer crop this year?

SuperSun 66 Sunflower from S&W Seed Company offers you an excellent, reliable option, especially where later summer planting is necessary.

SuperSun 66 Sunflower, a proven performer

SuperSun 66 is a widely adapted, black polyunsaturated sunflower hybrid. Proven under tough dry conditions, with the capacity for top-end yield if the season allows. Combine this with its mid to full-season maturity and resistance to major diseases and you have a hybrid you can have confidence in.

SuperSun 66 flexibility offers you the potential of a wide sowing window depending on your location. Depending on your starting soil moisture or expected seasonal conditions, you have the ability to adjust the planting rate to maximise your yield potential, without the need to change varieties.  Thick stems provide excellent standability and semi pendulous heads reduce the risk of sunburn and head rot.

sunflower seeds australia

Giving you the flexibility to sow with confidence

Sunflowers can be sown with precision planters on wide row spacings or equally as well under narrow row configurations.

Wide rows can make planting into heavy crop residues easier, without limiting yield potential. This also gives you the flexibility to apply nutrients in crops, and the option of chasing hard to control weeds with in-crop cultivation or a shielded sprayer. Wide rows also make it easier to sow a winter or cover crop into the standing stubble after the sunflowers are harvested.

If you have narrow row planting equipment, sunflowers have good selective herbicide options especially if you are planting into fields where grass weeds may be a problem.

Interested in S&W SuperSun66 Sunflower?

Talk to your local reseller or S&W Seed Company territory manager about how S&W SuperSun 66 Sunflower can fit into your cropping rotation this summer. View the SuperSun 66 techsheet here.

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